So you’d like to work with us? We would love to hear from you if this is the case.

We attempted to fill this page with all the vital information and stats, but actually we’d far rather you have access to these details within the context of our media pack, which has been especially created for people like you who are considering working with established influencers in the photo world like us.

To request a copy, please drop us an email on [email protected].

Taylor M. Curry stands alone amongst photo blogs, in that its owner, Taylor, connects with the person behind your business – ie. you –  and genuinely cares about each and every business she supports. She offers something way beyond simple transactional paid advertising, by remaining true to her own personal holistic goal of using her (substantial!) influence, to spread some kindness, love and well-being to those she works with. In turn, as a business owner, I’m more inclined to pay-it-forward myself to my clients and those I deal with in the business world. She has literally shaped the personality of my business in the last few years. For a bridal SME like Caroline Arthur Bridal, she has remained a steadfast, warm blanket, offering kind encouragement, invaluable feedback, and a clear but always respectful steer, on the days when, as a tired business owner, I was in danger of just running out of steam. Thank you.

The past ten years have gifted my team and I with incredible insight and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are also now working with talented creative partners and exploring brand new, innovative opportunities in digital marketing and social storytelling. These are exciting times for Taylor M. Curry and I would love for you to join us.

This is such a great listing! 50% of my photosessions this year have come from a brilliant promotion with Taylor M. Curry and I have worked with dream clients and venues through the little book for brides listing. It can be so hard to market towards your ideal client and knowing where to start, but Taylor M. Curry gave my business such a boost. I now have a strong brand and portfolio through the photosessions I have done. Taylor is super down to earth and really cares about the industry and small business’s you always feel so well looked after!

Our best partnerships have come from simply exploring through conversation and working out solutions together. Please get in touch and let’s talk.


Founder, Editor & Social Storyteller